Usable Psychology is a blog designed for busy folk.  I write for people who have a practical rather than academic interest in psychology.  People who want insight and advice based on quality research.  People who don’t have time to trawl through books or read dreary academic papers.  Most of all, I write for people who want to use psychology to improve performance and happiness; in themselves or in other people.


Who is Tony Crabbe anyway?

Tony Crabbe is a Business Psychologist who facilitates a-ha experiences which change people and organizations.  Tony runs development programs all over the world with organizations like Microsoft and News Corp.  Tony works hard to have no products, so each client problem is addressed uniquely, and not simply by applying slightly-adapted pre-developed solutions.  Tony runs large, award-winning learning programs.  Typically, Tony’s programs are for 40 – 200 poeple where the facilitation also involves managing multiple stakeholders.

Tony won the international Optimus award in 2010 for work with Microsoft in Nairobi and currently being proposed by the EU for an award